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Clarias meladerma Bleeker, 1846

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Can walk and leave the water to migrate to other water bodies using its auxiliary breathing organs. Dorsal spines (total): 0. Anterior edge of pectoral spine strongly serrated; head length (from tip of snout to extremity of occipital process) 4.0-4.3 times in SL; blackish body. Lives in lowland wetlands, bogs and peats. Found in swamps with slightly acidic water. Occur in standing water habitats. Marketed fresh.

Common Name:

Blackskin catfish


Clarias melanosoma, Clarias melasoma, Clarias melanoderma


Clariidae blycipitidae


Asia: Mekong River basin, and Sumatra, Borneo and Java, also the Philippines. Type locality: Batavia.


30cm. (12ins)


20-27C (67-81F)




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