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Amblydoras monitor (Cope, 1872)

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Coloration is very similar to Amblydoras affinis from the Rio Branco. It also has a longer and broader longitodinal band. The belly is light with small dark spots and the poscleitral bridge presents lot of melanophores. The caudal fin is emarginate with the upper lobe significantly longer. Humeral process with spines that increase in size towards the back. Mostly caught in the Mata Matà black water course which empties into the Amazon River in the Ambyiacu. Aquarium Care : No problem in a normal community tank as long as you can give them plenty of hiding places to make them feel more secure. Diet: Good quality flake food, frozen blood worms and tablet food. Live worms such as whiteworm and cut up garden worms.

Common Name:



Zathorax monitor




South America: Upper Amazon River basin. Type locality: small streams tributary to the Ambyiacu, as well as the river itself which empties into the Amazon near Pebas, in Eastern Ecuador, some distance east of the Napo.


9.0cm. (3¾ins)


23-28°C (73-83°F)




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Conservación Internacional; seris de Guías Tropicales De Campo. Pecos del medio Amazonas Región de Leticia. 546 p.



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