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Platydoras sp. "shallow scute"

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This undescribed Platydoras is similar to Platydoras costatus but has shallower scutes and occurs in the Marowijne and Lawa Rivers in Suriname. After preliminary molecular data was established they found that these two species do not group together (M. Sabaj-Perez). Aquarium Care: If you do have the good luck to have this species it is a fairly easy catfish to keep as long as you can provide it with shelter such as pipes or cave work. It will even jam itself into the pipe with its pectoral spines and will be unremovable. Diet: Easy to feed on frozen food such as bloodworm, tablet and pellet foods. In youngsters it is better to feed at night after lights out, the older they get they will get bolder and come out at feeding time.

Common Name:

Shallow Scute Platydoras




Doradidae blycipitidae


South America: Suriname; Marowijne and Lawa Rivers.




24-30°C (75-87°F)




Mol, H.A. Jan, The Freshwater Fishes of Suriname. BRILL, Leiden Boston, 2012. 889 p.



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