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Rhinodoras dorbignyi (Kner, 1855)

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Relevant Information:

Aquarium Care: This species of Dorad is, like most of this family is very peaceful, but as adults can prey on very small fish or fry on the substrate at night it is better to house with species that cannot be eaten. Provide a good sized tank that will be 4ft (120cm) or above as they can be a quick growing catfish. A soft substrate such as sand will be better as sharp gravel can be detrimental to the fishes barbels and its health. Diet: As they can be very nocturnal they can be be best fed at lights out with tablet foods and frozen foods such as bloodworms. If left to their own devices they will actively seek out food remains during the night.

Common Name:

Fog Doradid


Doras dorbignyi, D.nebulosus, Oxydoras dorbignyi  




South America: Paraná River basin: Brazil, Paraguay


17.5cm. (7ins)


20-25°C (67-77°F)




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