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Hypancistrus sp. (L173b)

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This line is being offered by German wholesaler Aquarium Glaser. They imported some wild L173 many years ago and placed them with some of their trusted breeders. Offspring are coming out every now and then, but only “L173b” are listed. These are less zebra-like in their markings than what L173 can be. “L173b” is not an official number, it's simply Glaser's way of saying that the fish are b-class, not a-class...whether or not these are indeed L173 or an unfortunate mix of similar forms is impossible to determine. Sexual differences: Males posses a broader and longer head and odontodes on the posterior part of the body, behind the gill covers and on the pectoral fin spines. The latter two are a lot shorter in the females. Aquarium Care: No problem with keeping in groups but only one Hypancistrus species to a tank as there has been reports of hybridisation. Diet: Omnivores, juveniles are keen on vegetable foods whereas adults are less so. Frozen foods such as brine shrimp, mosquito larvae and mussels as well as tablet foods.

Common Name:

L173b, Fake Zebra Pleco






Brazil: Rio Xingu.


12cm. (5ins)


26-30°c (79-87°f.)




Catfish Scandanavia: http://www.loricariidae.no/loricariidae.no/_Hypancistrus_sp_L173_Glaser.html



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