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Hypancistrus sp. (L411)

Image contributors to this species:

Andrew Campbell (1) Johnny Jensen's Photographic Library (4)

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Etymology = genus 

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Relevant Information:

The common name of Monte Dourado Pleco stems from the city of the same name where it is exported from. Similar looking to L260  but this species has wider black lines and adult L411s have a paler body colouration once they have settled into the aquarium. Sexual differences: Males posses a broader and longer head and odontodes on the posterior part of the body, behind the gill covers and on the pectoral fin spines. The latter two are a lot shorter in the females. Aquarium Care: No problem with keeping in groups but only one Hypancistrus species to a tank as there has been reports of hybridisation. Diet: Like all Hypancistrus sp. they prefer a meaty diet. Feed frozen foods such as bloodworm and beef heart, live foods such as brine shrimp, white and grindal worms and prepared foods such as sinking tablets and presoaked flake food. When young they seen to prefer a liking for vegetable foods.

Common Name:

Monte Dourado Pleco, L411






Brazil: Rio Jari, Pará


12cm. (4¾ins)


25-29°c (77-85°f.)





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