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Hypostomus boulengeri (Eigenmann & Kennedy, 1903)

Image contributors to this species:

Haraldo Bishop (8)

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Relevant Information:

This specimen was captured by the image contributor in a lagoon just off the Paraná river near Paraná City in Argentina. Latitude 31° 49'. 11s, Longitude: 60° 35' 56. 66o. Similar to H. punctatus from southeastern Brazil but this species has larger spots on the head. Aquarium Care: Will need a good sized aquarium of 5ft (150cm.) or over due to their final adult size. As this genus in the main are messy eaters, good water quality and filtration would need to be adhered to. A lower water temperature is advised for this species. Diet: Will eat all manner of foods in the aquarium, vegetable, tablet, pellet foods and good quality flake. Remarks: Its been noted that this species could be H. piratatu, which could then be a synonym of H. boulengeri.

Common Name:



Plecostomus boulengeri




South America: Paraguay River basin, Argentina. Type locality: Matto Grosso or Asuncion, Paraguay.


24.5cm. (9¾ins)


18-24°c (63-75°f.)




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