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Hypostomus paucimaculatus Boeseman, 1968

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Dorsal and caudal fins mostly spotted or with bands; darkspots present on posterior part of caudal peduncle; lower caudal lobe with dark spots or banded with at most a few indistinct spots. Aquarium Care: One of the smaller species of Hypostomus so can be housed in smaller community tanks that the larger species in this genera would not tolerate. Diet: Wood eaters so would need soft wood in the aquarium. Food tablets, pellets and vegeatable foods are also taken along with insect larvae. Remarks: The adult size of 12cm is probably not the maximum size as this seems a bit small for a member of this genera.

Common Name:







South America: upper and middle Suriname River basin. Type locality: Surinam River, near Brokopondo, Surinam.


12cm. (4¾ins)


24-27°c (75-81°f.)




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