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Metaloricaria paucidens Isbrücker, 1975

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Yann Fulliquet (3) Karsten Schönherr (3)

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Relevant Information:

Similar to the Rineloricaria and Pseudoloricaria genera's. The genus Metaloricaria have a very wide lower lip. There are only two species in this genera the other one being M. nijsseni from the Morani and Oyapock rivers in French Guiana. Aquarium Care: Not kept very often but would be similar in their requirements as to the Hartia genera in that they are not the easiest species to keep as they will need clean, oxygen rich water, a large tank and a strong current. Diet: Dry foods, algae wafers, Spirulina and normal tablet foods. Frozen foods, Artemia nauplii, glass worms and Daphnia. Remarks: Species redescribed by le Bail et al. (2000).

Common Name:







South America: Oyapock, Sinnamary, and Marowijne River basins. Type locality: French Guiana, creek at right bank of Ouaqui River, upstream of Saut Bali, Maroni River system.


27.0cm. (10½ins)


25-30°c (77-87°f.)




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