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Peckoltia brevis (La Monte, 1935)

Image contributors to this species:

Allan James (2) Yann Fulliquet (2) Billy Grant (1)

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Relevant Information:

Peckoltia species can be distinguished from most other in the genera in the tribe Ancistrini by having a lateral ridge on the opercle that usually has no odontodes and the teeth on their upper jaw (dentary) forming an angle under 90 degrees; while some genera also have an angled dentary, Peckoltia species lack synapomorphies of these genera. Generally, Peckoltia are considered to be those that have dorsal saddles and bands in the fins, while the Heminancistrus genera have spots and uniform colouration. The second and third image specimens were collected from the Rio Purus. This species was featured in the DATZ magazine of Feb. 1996, pages 74-75 as L205. similar form also to L008. Aquarium Care: They like their own territory in the aquarium as males will sometimes spar with other males, but usually nothing comes of this confrontation as long as they have their own caves, be it PVC pipes, ceramic pots or even under flat stones that have been built up on the substrate. Diet: Omnivorous and will eat most prepared foods, frozen or live.

Common Name:

LDA78, Spotted Peckoltia


Hemiancistrus brevis




Brazil: in the Rio Purus and the Rio Jurua and the middle to upper Ucayali drainage.


12cm. (4¾ins)


25-29°c (77-85°f.)




ScotCat Factsheet: No. 22. April 1998.



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