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Pseudacanthicus pirarara Chamon & Sousa, 2016

Image contributors to this species:

Danny Blundell (3) Allan James (1) Allan Sim (2) Chris Ralph (1) Dimitris Lysikatos (1)

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Relevant Information:

This species is similar to L024 and P. leopardus but is darker coloured with redder fins. In the original description it was noted that P. leopardus had pale to dark brown and numerous black blotches throughout the body while L025 has four lines of spots running the length of the body. The difference is quite significant with also the eyes being somewhat dissimilar, L025 has to me, 'evil eyes', which seem to follow you around when viewing it, and they are also yellow. The eye's of P. leopardus are normal and it is also a smaller fish than Pseudacanthicus sp. L025. Aquarium care: Would need a large tank as they grow big and are territorial. Diet: As with all of this genera they are carnivores and would need to be fed on frozen foods such as Artemia, mosquito larvae, mysis and shrimp. They can also be fed pellet and tablet foods. Remarks: L025 now described as P. pirarara (Chamon, C.C. and LM Sousa 2016).

Common Name:

Scarlet Pleco, L025.






Brazil: Pará, Rio Xingu (Altamira to Sao Felix do Xingu) and Rio Iriri


40cm. (16ins)


26-30°c (79-87°f.)




Seidel, I. 2008. Back to Nature guide to L-catfishes, Ettlingen, Germany 208 p
Chamon, C.C. and LM Sousa. 2016. A new species of the leopard pleco genus Pseudacanthicus (Siluriformes: Loricariidae) from the Rio Xingu, Brazil. Journal of Fish Biology (2017) 90, 356–369 doi:10.1111/jfb.13184



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