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Pseudacanthicus sp. (L452)

Image contributors to this species:

Haakon Haagensen (2) Ole Paulsen (1)

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Relevant Information:

Similar looking to L097 but differ in body shape. The Pseudacanthicus genera have the common name of Cactus catfishes due to their bodies being covered with spiny odontodes. Their mouths are small with a few bicuspid teeth in the jaws. Aquarium care: Pseudacanthicus can be highly territorial especially when adult, so a large aquarium of at least 5ft (150cm) would be beneficial to this species. Provide plenty of shelters in the aquarium and line -of- sight barriers if more than one species is kept. Diet: As with all of this genera they are carnivores and would need to be fed on frozen foods such as Artemia, mosquito larvae, mysis and shrimp. They can also be fed pellet and tablet foods.

Common Name:

Mustang Cactus Pleco, L452




Loricariidae ycipitidae


Peru: Ucayali drainage .


32cm. (13ins)


25-29°c (77-85°f.)




Seidel, I. 2008. Back to Nature guide to L-catfishes, Ettlingen, Germany 208 p



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