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Malapterurus tanganyikaensis Roberts, 2000

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Evert Van Ammelrooy (1)

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The body is shallow and broad, and the tooth bands are broad as well. Anal spines: 0; Anal soft rays: 9 - 12; Vertebrae: 38 - 45. Diagnosis: tooth patches broad; 9-12 anal-fin rays; 38-41 vertebrae; 19-20 caudal-fin rays (ii-7-8-ii-iii); stout, cylindrical head; broad, square snout; body finely spotted, light brown to grey body with a white underbelly. Caudal fin with a dark stripe on a lighter base. Feeds on other fishes. Remarks: M. polli (Norris 2002) has been designated as a synonym of M. tanganyikaensis (Roberts 2000) from Lake Tanganyika. Encountered in the littoral zone down to a depth of 50 m; especially common in bays or near the mouths of rivers.

Common Name:



Malapterurus polli




Africa: Africa: widely distributed in Lake Tanganyika and present in the Malagarasi River basin. Type locality: Lake Tanganyika


49.5cm.SL (19¾ins)


23 -30°C (73 -87°F)




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