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Brachyplatystoma platynemum Boulenger, 1898

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Robin Warne (3) Nishant Kakani (1) amiidae (6) Peru Aquarium Group (2) Enrico Richter (1) Allan James (1)

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The common name of the 'slobering catfish or "Babão" relates to the wide, long and flattened mandibular barbels which the local fishermen thought looked like mucus hanging from the mouth. Migrates during the high water or flood season. It may be that they are moving to the spawning grounds of the swampy areas of the Rio Beni and Rio Mamore in eastern Bolivia. Aquarium Care: Not really a catfish for the aquarium as they get too big and very predatory. Will be kept by knowledgeable big cat enthusiasts in large tanks on their own or with large fish of the same nature.

Common Name:

Slobbering Catfish


Goslinia platynema, Taenionema steeri, Brachyplatystoma platynema




South America: Amazon and Orinoco River basins. Type locality: Brazil, Pará.


100cm. (3ft 4ins)


22 -27°C (71 -81°F)


6.0 -7.2.


Burgess, W.E. 1989 An atlas of freshwater and marine catfishes. A preliminary survey of the Siluriformes. T.F.H. Publications, Inc., Neptune City, New Jersey (USA). 784 p.



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