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Calophysus macropterus (Lichtenstein, 1819)

Image contributors to this species:

Robin Warne (1) Frants Lehmann (1 Stamp) Wolfgang Ros (6) Enrico Richter (1) David Marshall (2)

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Relevant Information:

Is reported to commonly attack the fishes caught in fishermen's nets and seines as well as those hooked on trotlines or gaffed. Aquarium Care: An out and out predator so should only be kept with larger species such as South American cichlids, Oscars etc. and the larger L-number armoured Loricariids. I must admit that in the "Large Catfish" world this is probably one of the nicest looking and comparatively easy to keep species if you are a big cat enthusiast, and if you are able to give it a large tank to cruise around in. Diet: Shrimps, fish fillets and live foods such as Earthworms. Will gladly take tablet, pellet foods and foodsticks.

Common Name:

Vulture Catfish


Pimelodes macropterus, Pimelodus ctenodus, Pimeletropsis lateralis  




South America: Amazon and Orinoco River basins


50cm. (20ins)


22 -26°C (71 -79°F)


6.5 -7.2.


Ros, Wolfgang and Schmidt, Jakob (2008): Calophysus macropterus: Ein "Hai" im  Süßwasseraquarium: D. Aqu. u. Terr. Z. (Datz) 61 (4): 16-18.
ScotCat Factsheet No. 145. July 2008.



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