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Exallodontus aguanai Lundberg, Mago-Leccia & Nass, 1991

Image contributors to this species:

Wolfgang Ros (6) Enrico Richter (1)

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Relevant Information:

Exallodontus is classified under the "Calophysus-Pimelodus clade". Within this clade, it is considered a part of the "Pimelodus-group" of Pimelodids, which also includes Pimelodus, Duopalatinus, Cheirocerus, Iheringichthys, Bergiaria, Bagropsi, Parapimelodus, Platysilurus, Platystomatichthys, and Propimelodus. The first six images by the image contributor depicts an adult specimen of 20cm SL. Wolfgang Ros: "Looks a bit like Pinarampus pinirampu, which gets much bigger (up to 1 metre and more). In my opinion Exallodontus aguanai is not really a good predator catfish species for the home aquarium because it is always nervous, and with its hectic movements especially at night, it makes the other fish nervous too. Can be kept alone or with other E. aguanai specimens. Can be kept with other species only if they are not too small and bigger species only if they are not aggressive. Prefers a strong current. Feeding is easy, because it takes all kind of food (small live but also pieces of fish filet, also tablets, pellets, even Tetra Min flakes). The only advantage with keeping is its final  length (= ca. 20-25 cm)."

Common Name:







South America: Amazon and Orinoco River basins


20cm. (8ins)


22 -26°C (71 -79°F)


6.5 -7.2.


Wolfgang Ros: pers comm, Dec. 2008.



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