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Leiarius marmoratus (Gill, 1870)

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Acuario Marcelo (4) Andy Watson (1) Peru Aquarium Group (2) Johnny Jensen's Photographic Library (3)

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Relevant Information:

Inhabits riverbeds, deep wells and lakes. Young or sub-adults form large schools. Prefers to lay over rock and tree trunks during the day, being more active at sunrise, sunset and night. Aquarium Care: Not to be trusted with small fishes as they will be chased down during the night forays of this catfish. Would need a large aquarium due to its eventual size with a clear area to the front of the tank and hiding places for it during the daylight hours such as large clay land pipes and clay pots. Diet: Small feeder fishes, lean beef, aquatic insect larvae, tablet and frozen foods.

Common Name:

Marble antenna catfish


Sciades marmoratus




South America: Amazon, Essequibo, and Orinoco River basins. Type locality: Peru or Ecuador, Amazon system, Río Marañon or Río Napo.


80cm. SL. (32ins)


24 -26°C (75 -79°F)


6.0 -7.2.


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