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Microglanis oliveirai Ruiz & Shibatta, 2011

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Steven Grant (3)

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Characteristics:Readily distinguished from all congeners in the possession of the following characters: short lateral line, reaching only the vertical line through base of dorsal-fin spine; 3-6 lateral line pores; 3-6 gill rakers in the first branchial arch; 10-11 branched caudal fin rays; 5 pleural ribs; 27-28 free vertebrae; large anterior fontanel; small supraoccipital process not contacting anterior nuchal plate; small nuchal shield. Colour: Ground colour light brown. Ventral region of body and head pale with brown spots. Head dark brown, with lateral portions of head, margin of opercle, anterior and posterior nostrils, and pores of cephalic canals light colored. Wide, irregular light band passing through nape and anterior portion of trunk, immediately after opercular opening. Upper lip dark, lower lip light. Light barbels speckled with dark brown spots. Remarks: Very similar to M. poecilus but the lateral line is shorter. Small species. Specimens collected at the Rio Cristalino basin have larger interorbital width and possess an overall darker
colouration when compared with specimens of the Rio das Mortes basin.

Common Name:







South America: From tributaries of Rio das Mortes and Rio Cristalino, upper-middle rio Araguaia basin, State of Mato Grosso. Type Locality: Brazil, Mato Grosso, Barra do Garças, Vale dos Sonhos District, BR-158 road, km 750, rio Corrente (right margin tributary of the rio das Mortes), rio Araguaia basin, 15°29’56.3”S 52°12’10.8”W, 31 Jul 2008,


2.6cm. (1ins)


21 -25°C (69-77°F)




W. B. G. Ruiz & O. A. Shibatta; Two new species of Microglanis (Siluriformes: Pseudopimelodidae) from the
upper-middle rio Araguaia basin, Central Brazil. Neotropical Ichthyology, 9(4): 697-707, 201.
Grant, Steven; Pers comm. Dec. 2011.



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