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Rhyacoglanis paranensis Shibatta & Vari, 2017

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David Sands (2)

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Rhyacoglanis, a new genus of the South American freshwater catfish family Pseudopimelodidae is described from cis-Andean portions of the continent. Rhyacoglanis is distinguished from other genera of the family by three synapomorphies: presence of a light blotch on the cheek; a connection between the middle of the dark caudal-fin stripe and the dark caudal-peduncle pigmentation; and 30-35 total vertebrae. Species of Rhyacoglanis are rheophilic and strongly associated with rapids and other swift-flowing waters. A phylogenetic analysis based on 41 morphological characters yields a hypothesis of monophyly of the Pseudopimelodidae and Rhyacoglanis. Pimelodus pulcher Boulenger, 1887, from the western Amazon basin is designated as type-species of the new genus and redescribed. Four new species are described: Rhyacoglanis annulatus, from the río Orinoco basin, with a nearly ringed dark band on the caudal peduncle, and a larger distance between anus and anal-fin origin; R. epiblepsis, from the rio Madeira basin, with numerous dark spots scattered on the body, and rounded caudal-fin lobes; R. paranensis, from the upper rio Paraná basin, with three distinct dark bands on the body, and 31-33 total vertebrae; and R. seminiger, from the rio Juruena basin, with subdorsal and subadipose dark bands fused anteroposteriorly, and a separate dark band on the caudal peduncle. Aquarium Care: Predatory in the aquarium towards fish that are smaller. Provide plenty of hiding places to hide during the day and best kept in a small group of 2-3. Very secretive in its surroundings. Diet: No problem with eating all types of aquarium fare, flake, tablets, pellets, live and frozen foods.

Common Name:







South America: from the upper Rio Paraná basin, Brazil


6.5cm. (2¾ins)


24-28°C (75-83°F)




Shibatta, Oscar Akio, & Vari, Richard P. (2017). A new genus of Neotropical rheophilic catfishes, with four new species (Teleostei: Siluriformes: Pseudopimelodidae). Neotropical Ichthyology, 15(2), e160132. Epub June 30, 2017.https://dx.doi.org/10.1590/1982-0224-20160132
Dr. David Sands; pers. comm.



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