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Parailia pellucida (Boulenger, 1901)

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Relevant Information:

This genera differs from the Asian Glass catfish of the Siluridae, Kryptopterus, by having no dorsal fin, whereas the Asian Glass cats do. Aquarium Care: As with other members of this genus it will fare better in school of at least four to six specimens and a good filtration with good water quality. Diet: Small live foods such as artemia, mosquito larvae (frozen) and a good quality flake food.

Common Name:

Glass schilbid


Parailia congica, Physaillia pellucida, Physailia pellucida  




Africa: Nile River, Chad Basin, several west African river basins. Type locality: Omdurman, Nile River.


8.5cm. (3¼ins)


25-28°C (77-83°F)


6.5 -7.2.


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