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Schilbe mandibularis (Günther, 1867)

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Relevant Information:

An adipose fin is always present, whereas some of this family may or may not have this appendage. When young they feed mainly on terrestrial insects (Hymenoptera, Hemiptera, Coleoptera) washed into the water and on mayfly larvae. Once they get larger they will also feed on fish. Oviparous, eggs are unguarded. They will spawn once a year. A female weighing around 100 grams may average 17,600 eggs although some individuals can produce as many as 217,000 eggs/kilo. This species is similar to S. multitaeniatus where only slight differences can be observed. The thumbnail stamp image of this species seems to show this fish upside down.

Common Name:



Eutropius mandibularis, Eutropius liberiensis, Eutropius mentalis




Africa: West Africa, from the St. Paul to the Prah River. Type locality: Bossumprah River, Gold Coast.


45cm. (18ins)


23-26°C (73-79°F)


6.5 -7.2.


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