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Schilbe mystus (Linnaeus, 1758)

Image contributors to this species:

Allan James (1 Stamp) Eccles, D.H. Field Guide to the freshwater fishes of Tanzania (1)

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Relevant Information:

6 soft rays in dorsal fin. 50-60 anal fin rays. No adipose fin present; a narrow fin fold on dorsal side of caudal peduncle; tips of pectoral fins often reach anterior base of extremely long anal fin. Resides in large rivers and inshore areas of lakes. Seasonally important in Lake Victoria. Aquarium Care: Needs a large tank as this is a schooling species and will not do well as singe specimens. Larger specimens may attack other inmates of the aquarium. They seem to prefer a darker substrate. Diet: Will eat most prepared foods including fish.

Common Name:

African butter catfish


Scheilbe mystus, S. mystus mystus, S.niloticus,S. intermedius, S.auratus, S.bipinnatus, S. hasselquistii, S.senegallus,S.dispela, Schilbe dispila, S.senegalensis, S.mystus fasciata, S.mystus fasciatus, S.steindachneri, Schilbe bouvieri, Schilbe emini, S.uranoscopus, S. palmeri, Hypophthalmus niloticus, Eutropius niloticus, E.niloticus niloticus, E. nilotica, E.adansonii, E.congensis, E.obtusirostris, E.liberiensis, E. altipinnis, E.lemairii, E.grenfelli, E. mentalis, Bagrus adansonii, B.schilbeides, B.schilbeoides, B.schilboides, B.depressirostris.




Africa: Nile River basin and West Africa. Type locality: Nile.


35cm. (14ins)


23-26°C (73-79°F)


6.5 -7.2.


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