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Ceratoglanis pachynema Ng, 1999

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Nonn Panitvong (1)  

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Dorsal spines (total): 0; Dorsal soft rays (total): 0 - 0; Anal soft rays: 90 - 101; Vertebrae: 63 - 64. Snout with a gently sloping ventral profile (ventral angle of snout 40°-42°), relatively fewer anal-fin rays (90-101), and larger eyes (eye diameter 13.0-16.4% HL) set closer together (interorbital distance 33.7-36.6% HL). Mature males have membranous extensions on both the anterior and posterior edges of the maxillary barbel. Pectoral spine and articulated segments sexually dimorphic in mature individuals. Males with spine broad and somewhat flattened dorsoventrally, with 10 distinct posterior serrate, increasing in size distally; proximal articulated segments with 17 well-developed posterior serrae; distal-most segments have smaller serrae. Females or juveniles with spine slender and without serrae; proximal articulated segments with 6 minute posterior serrae; distal segments with 5 minute serrae. Absence of dorsal fin; short stiff hooked maxillary barbels; posterior nostril above front margin eye. This species was previously misidentified as Ceratoglanis scleronema from the Chao Phraya drainage. Inhabits mainstream river. Carnivorous, feeding on insects and benthic fauna. Reported to be quite rare in Thailand due to lost habitats and over fishing. Remarks: The specific name comes from the thicker barbels of this species compared to its only congener, C. scleronema. Not an aquarium fish as they are reported to be very hard to keep and will die soon after capture, as they are a deep water living fish in their natural habitat.

Common Name:

Club-barbel sheatfish






Asia: Chao Phraya and Mekong River basins. Type locality: Prachinburi Market, Thailand.


28cm. (11ins)


22-26°C (71-79°F)




Ng, H.H. 1999 A review of the Southeast Asian catfish genus Ceratoglanis (Siluriformes: Siluridae), with the description of a new species from Thailand. Proc. Calif. Acad. Sci. 51(9):385-395.
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