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Trichomycterus dali Rizzato, Costa, Trajano & Bichuette, 2011

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Trichomycterus dali is readily distinguished from epigean and hypogean congeners by the presence of two conspicuous, ridge-like adipose folds lining dorsally throughout the body, one anterior (pre-dorsal) and one posterior (post-dorsal) to the dorsal fin, both distinctive autapomorphies in the genus. Other characters that easily distinguish the new species, although not exclusive, are: highly reduced skin pigmentation (except for T. gorgona and caverestricted congeners, T. chaberti, T. itacarambiensis, T. spelaeus, T. sandovali, T. santanderensis and T. uisae); total loss of eyes, not visible externally (except for T. sandovali and T. spelaeus); barbels long, especially the nasal (99.3- 143.5% HL) and the maxillary (97.0-131.3% HL) (except for T. longibarbatus and T. spelaeus); scapulocoracoid with a conspicuous anterior process projected forward (except for T. sandovali, T. spelaeus and T. uisae), with a narrow base, a wide apex and a rounded distal margin; and pectoral-fin ray count reaching I,9 (except for T. hualco). Characters possibly exclusive, but about which many taxa lack information, are listed as complementary diagnoses: cranial fontanel unique, extending from the posterior half of supraoccipital to the posterior region of the frontal bones, with a conspicuous constriction on the meeting point of supraoccipital and the two frontal bones; supraorbital long and cylindrical, without projections, with a needle appearance; 27-29 interopercular and 16-19 opercular odontodes. Colour: Body generally white, tending to translucent, dorsal ridge darker than body, with light yellow color. Internal organs seen by transparency. Etymology. The specific name (a noun in apposition) is an allusion to the Spanish artist Salvador Dali, in reference to his famously long moustache (or whisker).

Common Name:







Brazil: Known exclusively from subterranean waters in at least three caves in Serra da Bodoquena karst area: Buraco das Abelhas, Saracura and Morro do Jericó caves.


8.0cm. (3¼ins)


16-26°c (59-79°f.)




Rizzato, P.P., E.P.D. Costa Jr. and M.E. Bichuette, 2011. Trichomycterus dali: a new highly troglomorphic catfish (Silurifomes [sic!]: Trichomycteridae) from Serra da Bodoquena, Mato Grosso do Sul State, Central Brazil. Neotrop. Ichthyol. 9(3):477-491.
Froese, R. and D. Pauly. Editors. 2017.FishBase. World Wide Web electronic publication. www.fishbase.org, ( 06/2017 )



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