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Trichomycteridae = ( trick oh mick TARE id dee ) 

This South American family are commonly known as Parasitic Cats or by the local indigenous populations as "candiru". Stories abound on the notoriety of this family due to their habit of lodging themselves in the gill cavities of other larger fish and biting the gill filaments, thereby feeding on the blood. There has also been instances where they have entered the human urethra, probably by mistake, of bathers and mammals urinating under water.

Not a lot is known of them as aquarium fish and only experiences with them in a larger group could bring further information to the catfish enthusiast.

Trichomycterus sp. (2)
Vandellia sp. (1)
Daniel Blom
Ituglanis metae
Klaus Busse  
Bullockia maldonadoi
Robbie N. Cada (Art)
Vandellia cirrhosa
Felipe Cantera @ Aqua Terra Eco Tours 
Scleronema operculatum, Scleronema operculatum
Danté Fenolio @ anotheca
Pareiodon microps
Trichomycterus dali
Vandellia sanguinea, Vandellia sanguinea
Ian Fuller @ GoWildPeru
Ituglanis metae
Peru Aquarium Group   
Henonemus punctatus
Ituglanis metae, Ituglanis metae
Tridensimilis brevis
Vandellia cirrhosa, Vandellia cirrhosa
Zhou Hang
Tridensimilis brevis, Tridensimilis brevis
Allan James @ ScotCat
Ituglanis metae
Tridensimilis brevis
Johnny Jensen's Photographic Library
Ituglanis amazonicus, Ituglanis amazonicus
Ochmacanthus orinoco
Pseudostegophilus nemurus
Tridensimilis venezuelae, Tridensimilis venezuelae
Nathan Lujan
Trichomycterus guianensis
Ivan Mikolji @ mikolji.com
Ituglanis amazonicus
Ochmacanthus alternus, Ochmacanthus alternus, Ochmacanthus alternus
Mario Pinheiro
Trichomycterus davisi
Steve Pritchard
Parastegophilus maculatus
Trichomycterus gabrieli
Original Source
Trichomycterus ytororo, Trichomycterus ytororo, Trichomycterus ytororo, Trichomycterus ytororo
Adrian Taylor
Tridensimilis brevis, Tridensimilis brevis, Tridensimilis brevis, Tridensimilis brevis
Robin Warne
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