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Neoarius graeffei (Kner & Steindachner, 1867)

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Relevant Information:

There has now been a name change for the Lesser Salmon Catfish and for other members of the Ariidae family who reside from Southern New Guinea and Northern Auastralia. Arius to Neoarius. Inhabits freshwater rivers and lagoons, as well as brackish estuaries and coastal marine waters. Tolerates temperatures from 11°C to 38°C. Large groups of juveniles are often encountered. Feeds on arthropods, insects, aquatic plants, mollusks, prawns, crayfish, fishes and bottom detritus. Breeding takes place from September to February. Marine populations of N. graeffei appear to undertake extensive anadromous migrations associated with breeding, but no such movements were observed in the fluviatile population studied.

Common Name:

Lesser Salmon Catfish 


Arius australis, Neoarius australis, Arius curtisii, Arius graeffei   


Ariidae mblycipitidae


Australasia: Southern New Guinea and northern Australia, in rivers and along coast


50.0cm. (20ins)


20-27°c (67-81°f )




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