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Ageneiosus magoi Castillo & Brull G., 1989

Image contributors to this species:

Allan James (5) Ivan Mikolji (2)

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Relevant Information:

Head flattened and wedge shaped. Profile almost straight, sloping slightly towards snout. Dorsal 6/7 rays. Small adipose fin and a long anal fin. The ventral fins are placed behind the dorsal fin and has 7/8 rays. Eyes lateral. Marbled markings to body. Two black bands along body split by a white band. Some specimens have a yellow tinge but may lose this in captivity. There can be differences in seperate individuals. Aquarium Care: If kept with other species they would need to be the same same size or larger species such as Loriicarids and larger Characins such as Silver Dollars. Can be kept with equal sized conspecifics. Sexual Differences: In common with the rest of the Auchenipteridae family the males possess an elongated and thickened anal fin, a genital papilla. The male has it modified into a copulatory organ with the first and second ray thickened and longer, it is thought that the male uses this to clasp the female during the spawning embrace. Sexually active males also have an elongated and curved dorsal spine and the maxillary barbels are also elongated.

Common Name:

Slopehead Catfish






South America: Venezuela; Orinoco basin. Type locality: Los esteros de Camaguán, km 270, Estado Guárico; Venezuela


24.0cm. (9½ins)


23-28°c (73-83°f.)




ScotCat Factsheet no.159; Sept. 2009.



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