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Scleromystax prionotos (Nijssen & Isbrücker, 1980)

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Relevant Information:

Lives alongside Corydoras nattereri in white water and clearwater streams in the coastal lowlands. The males do not sport the extended pectoral and dorsal spines as do other members of this genera. The females are wider in the girth when sexually mature, the males are smaller. As with other species of Scleromystax, will do better in cooler temperatures. Aquarium Care: As with most members of the Callichthyidae they are peaceful. The Scleromystax genera are good additions to "cool water" aquarium set ups with maybe other cool water fish such as White Cloud Mountain Minnows and other fish that are comfortable with a temperature around the 70°f (21.5°c) mark. Diet: As with other members of the Corydoradinae they relish tablet and good quality flake food with frozen bloodworm a firm favourite. They are also keen on chopped earthworms and other worm foods such as white worm used sparingly, and grindal worm.

Common Name:

False nattereri


Corydoras prionotus




South America: Coastal rivers in southeastern Brazil from Espirito Santo to São Paulo, Brazil. Type locality: Linhares, 19º22'S, 40º04'W, Lagoa Juparanã, Rio Doce system , Brazil.


Male: 6.0cm (2½ins). Female: 6.5cm (2¾ins)


21-25°C (69-77°F)


6.0 -7.5.


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