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Cetopsis gobioides Kner, 1858

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Angelo Rodrigo Manzotti (1) Julio Endler (1)

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Relevant Information:

C. gobioides can be distinguished from all of its congeners by the combination of the presence of an eye, the conical teeth on the vomer and dentary, the rounded posterior nares that is distinctly separated from the contralateral nares by a distance greater than the width of the posterior nares, a mouth width that is approximately one-half of HL, the absence of a dark humeral spot, the absence of a posteriorly-rounded, variably-developed, bilobed patch of dark pigmentation at the base of the caudal fin, the absence of dark chromatophores on the anterior and lateral margins of the snout, the limitation of dark pigmentation on the dorsal fin to, at most, the basal regions of the middle portion of the fin in the form of spot with a semicircular margin, and the possession of 17 to 22 branched anal-fin rays, 22 to 27 total anal-fin rays, and 42 to 45 total vertebrae. Cetopsis gobioides is very similar to C. plumbea, a species endemic to the western portions of the Amazon basin, in its overall head and body form, overall colouration, and meristic values. The two species are distinguishable in the lack of the dark chromatophores on the anterior and lateral surfaces of the snout in C. gobioides, versus the presence of such dark pigmentation in that region of C. plumbea.

Common Name:

Whale Cat


Cetopsis chalmersi, Pseudocetopsis chalmersi, Pseudocetopsis gobioides




South America: Upper São Francisco, Paraná and Uruguay River basins and Juquiá River of coastal Brazil. Type locality: Irisanga, Brazil


11.0cm. (4½ins)


22-28°c (71-83°f )




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