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Clarias alluaudi Boulenger, 1906

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Reinhold Wawrzynski (3)

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Dorsal spines (total): 0; Dorsal soft rays (total): 65-79; Anal soft rays: 57 - 64; Vertebrae: 52 - 55. Pectoral fin spine serrated on both inner and outer sides. Head oval-shaped in dorsal outline; snout short and slightly rounded; eyes more dorsally located. Frontal fontanelle long and narrow (`knife-shaped'); occipital fontanelle long and oval-shaped. Supraorbital and `dermospenoticum' joined. Tooth plates relatively small. gill rakers long, slender and distantly set. Suprabranchial organ well developed. Openings of the secondary sensory canals regularly arranged on flanks. Found in marginal water-lily and papyrus swamps, streams and side-arms of larger waters. Feeds on insects, a wide variety of insect larvae and crustaceans. Colouration: olive/brown, lighter towards the belly. Remarks: similar looking to Clarias werneri. This species is present in Lakes Victoria, Kyoga, Edward, George, and their affluent streams, rivers and associated satellite lakes (Kachira, Nakivali, Kijanebalora, Katwe, Kirumi). Also in the Victoria Nile, Malagarasi River and the Lake Tanzania and Rukwa systems (Seegers 1996).

Common Name:

Alluaud's catfish


Clarias hilgendorfi




Africa: Lakes Victoria, Kyoga, Edward, Rukwa and Tanganyika. Type locality: Entebbe and Bunuako; [and] Kavirondo Bay, Lake Victoria [restricted to Bunuako by lectotype designation].


35cm. (14ins)


23-28C (73-83F)




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