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Acanthicus sp. (L407)

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Relevant Information:

Similar lookig to A. hystrix and given the L code number of 407. These plecos dramatically change colour and dots from juvenile stage to adults. The adults have large armour plated scales on their forehead and odontel growth all over the body. Males are slimmer and have odontodel growth on all fins, rays and pectorals. Aquarium Care: One of the larger Loricariids known, so would need to be kept in exceptionally large aquariums. Intolerant of other large Loricariids. Diet: Omnivores and will require large amounts of vegetable foods, tablet and frozen foods such as shrimps and mussels. There are only two described species in this genera, A. adonis and A. hystrix.

Common Name:

L407, Acanthicus sp. aff. hystrix "Rio Branco"




Loricariidae ycipitidae


Brazil: Rio Branco, Boa Vista Roraima, Takutu River.


100.0cm. (40ins)


25-29°c (77-85°f.)




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