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Farlowella acus (Kner, 1853)

Image contributors to this species:

Martin Danielse (1) Sam Storry (1)

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Relevant Information:

Aquarium Care: Not an easy catfish to keep as there have been many unexplained deaths attributed to this species and as such would need dedicated care from an experienced catfish keeper who has worked with this species or its close cousins from the easier kept Sturisoma genera. As this is a very timid species, if housed with other inhabitants you would be better keeping away from boisterous fish such as some of the Barb species (such as tigers) and definately Cichlids. Better companions would be the unobstrusive Corydoras species and small Characins or Rasboras. Diet: They are mostly vegetarian with algae being their number one source of food for adults and young fry so the above mentioned foods along with vegetable laden tablets should suffice. Remarks: The identify of members of this genus is carried out by looking at the ventral plates (underneath the mouth to anal area) to identify to species. F.acus (F.acus species group) has two rows of abdominal scutes, no median scute at the base of the pelvic fins (occasionally found in species of the Farlowella curtirostra species group), and fairly long breeding odontodes on the snout (found on no other species of Farlowella).

Common Name:

Whiptail Catfish


Acestra acus, Loricaria scolopacina, Farlowella scolopacina




Venezuela: Lake Valencia and Torito River basins


18cm (7inch)


24-26°c (75-79°f.)




ScotCat Factsheet no. 76. October 2002.
Retzer, M.E. and Page, L. M. ; Systematic of the Stick Catfishes, Farlowella Eigenmann & Eigenmann (Pisces, Loricariidae) Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, Vol. 147, (1997), pp. 33-88



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