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Harttia surinamensis Boeseman, 1971

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Karsten Schönherr (1)

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Very abundant in zones of swiftly flowing plunging waters. The adult male of this species has very well developed odontodes on the front edge of its pectoral fins. The main identification points for H. surinemensis is the dark crecent on the caudal and the tips of the caudal fin are black. Aquarium Care: Not the easiest genera to keep as they will need clean, oxygen rich water and a strong current. Does not do well in imports due to its difficulty in traveling containers. Diet: Dry foods, algae wafers, Spirulina and normal tablet foods. Frozen foods, Artemia nauplii, glass worms and Daphnia. Sexual Differences: Males tend to have odontodes (hair like structures) on the first ray of the pectoral fins and the head in males is broader. Remarks: similar to H. fluminensis but differs in colour and morphometrics.

Common Name:







South America: Coastal rivers from Suriname River east to Approuague River.


19.0cm. (7½ins)


25-30°c (77-87°f.)




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