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Hypancistrus sp. (L066)

Image contributors to this species:

Danny Blundell (2) Vedran Cuncic (2) Yann Fulliquet (3) Charles Gibbons (1) Mark Duffill (2) Andrew Campbell (2) Daniel Konn-Vetterlein (1)

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Relevant information:

Juveniles have a very different colour pattern to the adults and individuals can differ in colouration and body shape. Similar to the Panaque/Panaqolus and Peckoltia genera but have fewer and larger teeth in the lower and upper jaw. Sexual differences: Males posses a broader and longer head and odontodes on the posterior part of the body, behind the gill covers and on the pectoral fin spines. The latter two are a lot shorter in the females. Aquarium Care: No problem with keeping in groups but only one Hypancistrus species to a tank as there has been reports of hybridisation. Diet: Omnivores, juveniles are keen on vegetable foods whereas adults are less so. Frozen foods such as brine shrimp, mosquito larvae and mussels as well as tablet foods. Remarks: It has now been established that this species and L333 are the same species and if they are kept together in the same tank there is a possibility of cross breeding between them. They are in fact differently marked variants (phenotypes) of the same species.

Common Name:

King Tiger Pleco, L066, L333






Brazil: Pará, Rio Xingu ( Belo Monte - Vitoria)


15cm. (6ins)


26-30°c (79-87°f.)




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Cardoso, A. L., Carvalho, H. L., Benathar, T. C., Serrão, S. M., Nagamachi, C. Y., Pieczarka, J. C., de Sousa, L.M., Ready, J.S., and Noronha, R. C. (2016). Integrated Cytogenetic and Mitochondrial DNA Analyses Indicate That Two Different Phenotypes of Hypancistrus (L066 and L333) Belong to the Same Species. Zebrafish, 13(3), 209-216.  



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