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Hypancistrus zebra Isbrücker & Nijssen, 1991

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Danny Blundell (2) Rogers Aquaria (2) Kevin Korotev (2) Vedran Cuncic (1) Benny Ng (2) Andrew Campbell (1) Yann Fulliquet (1) Reinhold Wawrzynski (1) Haakon Haagensen (1)

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Relevant Information:

L098 is the same species as Hypancistrus zebra L046, but with different colour patterns. There are different views also on the validity of L173 being a different species. Aquarium Care: They are quite tolerant of water conditions as long as the water is kept clean and warm and you keep the water changes up. A good tip when first buying them is to acclimatise them in a smaller tank before transferring them to your main aquarium, this way you can make sure that they are feeding well and are also happy in the water conditions. You can decorate this tank with cave like structures akin to the home where it will eventually reside. Keeping the 'Zebra Pleco' in the aquarium is not too much of a problem as long as you give them plenty of hiding places, caves, rounded boulders, plant pots and pipework. They also like the water to be well oxygenated owing to the higher temperatures that is best given to them. You could also add some wood to their tank but according to some aquarists, who have kept this species, it isn't totally necessary. Diet: Not a true vegetarian so more meaty type foods would need to be fed. This includes live bloodworm, frozen foods such as muscle, tubifex and bloodworm and the usual tablet food offerings. Remarks: Since December 2004 the exportation of H.zebra has been forbidden.

Common Name:

Zebra Pleco, L046, L098






Brazil: Xingu River basin. Type locality: Brazil, Est. Pará, anastomoses of Rio Xingú, about one hour upstream of Altamira by speedboat (Altamira: 03º13'S 53º15'W).


10cm. (4ins)


26-28°c (79-83°f.)




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