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Hypostomus taphorni (Lilyestrom, 1984)

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Whit Bronaugh (2)

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Relevant Information:

Placed in the Hypostomus cochliodon species group which have a shorter body and more high backed than other members of the Hypostomus. They have a small number of spatulate teeth with a single cusp with the jaws arranged in a V shape. Sexual differences: Males grow larger and sport longer fins. Aquarium Care: Adults are rather intolerent towards other large Loricariid catfishes. Will give out a lot of waste in the aquarium so frequent water changes are a must. Fairly easy to keep in a larger tank over 4ft (120cm). Diet: Wood eaters so would need soft wood in the aquarium. Food tablets, pellets and vegeatable foods are also taken along with insect larvae. Remarks: Redescribed and included in Hypostomus cochliodon species group in Armbruster (2003a).

Common Name:



Cochliodon taphorni




South America: Cuyuni River basin, Essequibo drainage, Venezuela (Armbruster, 2003a), Rupununi River and Takutu River basins, Guyana (Armbruster & de Souza, 2005). Type locality: Río Botanamo, cerca del puente en la vía a Bochinche, Edo, Bolívar, Venezuela.


23cm. (9ins)


24-27°c (75-81°f.)




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