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Parotocinclus maculicauda (Steindachner, 1877) 

Image contributors to this species:

Allan James (2) Chris Ralph (2) Hans-Georg Evers (1)  

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Relevant Information:

To differentiate between Parotocinclus and Otocinclus is comparatively easy as the former has an adipose fin while the latter does not. It is not clear whether the Parotocinclus species from Sao Paulo is also P.maculicauda. Dorsal 1/7; Anal 1/5; Pectorals; 1/6; Ventrals 1/5; 24 bony scutes in a lateral series. Aquarium Care: A well known species in the hobby which needs to be kept in cooler temperatures and also good aquarium husbandry with regular water changes and good oxygen content.. Diet: They are omnivorous ( vegetable and meat diet ) and will eat lettuce, cucumber, courgette (zucchini) and also white and grindal worm, frozen bloodworm, flake and tablet food.

Common Name:

False sucker


Otocinclus maculicauda, Parotocinclus steindachneri, Hisonotus maculicauda




Brazil: coastal rivers between Santa Catarina and Rio de Janeiro


5.5cm. (2¼ins)


20-24°c (67-75°f.)




ScotCat Factsheet: no. 041, Nov.1999.
Evers, H.-G. & I.Seidel: Mergus, Baensch Catfish Atlas Volume 1, 1st English edn., 2005. Pp.944.



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