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Spectracanthicus murinus Nijssen & Isbrücker, 1987

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Relevant Information:

Small species with a pointed head against S. punctatissimus which has a rounded head profile and 12-14 vertabrae (against 8-11 in S. murinus). Similar to the Leporacanthicus genus but lacks the lip barbels. Dorsal fin with a posterior membrane. Aquarium Care: Peaceful, but they do have a requirement for higher oxygen and prefer currents in the water with a powerful filter. Sexual Differences: Males have a longer and broader head and a heavier growth of odontodes. Diet: Carnivores and feed on snails in their natural habitat. Feed live and frozen foods such as brine shrimp, mysis, mussels and fish flesh. Tablet foods can also be fed.

Common Name:







South America: Brazil; Tapajós River basin. Type locality: Brésil, Est. Pará, système du Rio Tapajós: Poça de Pedra no Rio Tapajós, São Luis.


12.0cm. (4¾ins)


26-30°c (79-89°f.)




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