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Porochilus rendahli Whitley, 1928

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Ombry (4) Dave Wilson (3) Meredith Gallanty (1)

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Relevant Information:

Occurs in billabongs and streams in slow to fast-flowing water that is clear to turbid with rock,gravel or sand bottoms. Feeds partly on mollusks. Can be seperated from the Neosilurus genus by the eye being closer to the mouth, steeper head up to the insertion of the dorsal fin and the innner side of the pectoral spine being serrated. Aquarium Care: Seem to like the company of their own species. They also like plants to hide in, water sprite and pogo seem  to be well appreciated. In rocky tanks they often bash their noses when they get stressed and dart about.

Common Name:

Rendahl's catfish


Copidoglanis rendahli, Neosilurus rendahli




Oceania: Northern Australia. Western Australia in the Fitzroy and Ord river sytems. Arnhem land in the Northern Territory between the East Aliligator and Roger Rivers. Jardine River near the tip of Cape York Peninsula.


20cm. (8ins)


18-24°C (63-75°F)


6.5 -8.0.


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