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Brachyrhamdia rambarrani (Axelrod & Burgess, 1987)

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Allan James (2) Johnny Jensen's Photographic Library (3) David Sands (1)

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Relevant Information:

The common name of 'False Adolfoi' is due to its habit of schooling with this species of Corydoras (C. adolfoi) species. This habit probably stems from the protection of this scaleless catfish from large predators due to the plated Corydoras where predators are wary of the locked pectoral and dorsal spines. There is the other scenario that states that the Brachyrhamdia are practising a Batesian form of shoaling wheras they take food that the Corydoras dig up from the substrate and also they stael the eggs of these species. They seem to do better with Corydoras that possess a black eye stripe and the orange head blotch such as C. davidsandsi, C.adolfoi, C. melini and other species from the upper Rio Negro rather than plain species such as C. aeneus which tend to be nipped and driven out of the shoal. Reported to be a bit more harder to keep than the other Brachyrhamdia such as B. imitator and B. marthae so a good aquarium husbandry is a must. Aquarium Care: House in aquaria (24ins/60cm or over) with alternate sand and gravel substrate. Provide planted area. Keep in a species tank or with Corydoras and larger Characins or Anabantoides in the top half as they can be predatory with small species such as Neon Tetras. Diet: Tablet and pellet foods. Frozen and live foods such as bloodworm. Insect larvae. Not a fussy eater. Remarks: Not often seen im imports.

Common Name:

False Adolfoi


Pimelodella rambarrani 




South America: Unini River basin in upper Negro River drainage: Brazil


7.0cm. (2¾ins)


24-26°C (75-79°F)




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