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Otocinclus affinis Steindachner, 1877

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Daniel Blom (1) Dennis Barrett (1)

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Relevant Information:

Can be differentiated from the genus Parotocinclus by the absence of an adipose fin. This species is found alongside Corydoras nattereri and Scleromystax prionotos and has the same colouration as these two Callichthyidae species. It has a base grey colour with a black band with traces of a gold sheen (hence common name) along the flanks and has a small hooked shaped growth on the bony plate behind the head. Rarely imported and is rare in nature due to pollution of its habitats. Mainly nocturnal and feeds on algae. Aquarium Care:: Feeds on plants and roots; in groups of 5 or more individuals; minimum aquarium size 60 cm. (24ins). Due to the catchment area in Rio de Janeiro this Otocinclus needs to be kept in cooler waters. Remarks: Similar looking to the São Paulo version which is said to be another species, which alongside O. flexilis would be placed into a new genera, Macrotocinclus. Fishbase and The Catalog of Fishes have this species (although it is the wrong location) and O.flexilis in the new genera, Macrotocinclus.

Common Name:

Golden otocinclus


Macrotocinclus affinis




South America; Brazil, vicinity of Rio de Janeiro. Type locality: Flüssen bei S. Crux in der umgebung von Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


5.0cm. (2ins)


18-22°c (63-71°f.)




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