Article no.

Ros, Wolfgang
Final speech for the “Walking Catfish”, Clarias batrachus Tips on spawning "The Walking Catfish"  067
Pair behaviour of the “Walking Catfish”, Clarias batrachus Further report of the breeding behavior of "The Walking Catfish" 083
Initiating reproduction with the Walking Catfish (Clarias batrachus) The spawning of the "The Walking Catfish" 096
Cephalosilurus nigricaudus and its similarity to C. apurensis On the keeping of this large "Pim" 102
A "shark" in the fresh water aquarium: Calophysus macropterus On the keeping of this large "Pim" 103
Better than its reputation, Cephalosilurus fowleri An aggresive predator from the Pseudopimelodidae family 104
A Jewel in the Aquarium called Pimelodus ornatus The authors experiences on keeping this "Pim" 110
Sleek, wiry, and striking: The predator catfish Aguarunichthys torosus Information on keeping another large "Pim" 117

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