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Heptapteridae = ( Hep tapt ER idee ) 

Another sub-family of the Pimelodidae, Heptapteridaeinae, which is now been given full family status.

There are up to 200 species in this South and Central American family comprising mostly of the genera Imparfinis, Pimelodella, Brachyrhamdia and Rhamdia. Most are predators which vary in size but can be kept in an aquarium with tank mates that are chosen carefully.

Tim Addis @ TA Aquaculture
Myoglanis sp. 'Peru'
Barbara Bean
Pimelodella chagresi, Pimelodella chagresi
Erlend D. Bertelsen
Brachyrhamdia imitator
Daniel Blom
Brachyrhamdia imitator
Rhamdia quelen
Whit Bronaugh @ Oregon State University
Imparfinis hasemani, Imparfinis hasemani
Stuart Brown
Imparfinis stictonotus
Pimelodella gracilis
Felipe Cantera @ Aqua Terra Eco Tours 
Pimelodella australis, Pimelodella australis
Graham Carr @ Silksworth Aquatics
Cetopsorhamdia molinae
Heptapteridae sp., Heptapteridae sp.
Imparfinis sp., Imparfinis sp., Imparfinis sp.
Caio Feltrin @ Peixes da Mata Atlântica
Pimelodella pappenheimi
Danté Fenolio @ anotheca
Mastiglanis asopos
Rhamdia enfurnada, Rhamdia enfurnada
Rhamdiopsis krugi
Ian Fuller @ CorydorasWorld
Brachyrhamdia thayeria, Brachyrhamdia thayeria, Brachyrhamdia thayeria
Steven Grant
Brachyrhamdia marthae
Heptapteridae sp., Heptapteridae sp.
Mastiglanis asopos, Mastiglanis asopos
Phenacorhamdia nigrolineata
Pimelodella gracilis
Pimelodella montana
Rhamdia quelen, Rhamdia quelen
Erling Holm @ Royal Ontario Museum 
Myoglanis potaroensis
Gabriela Eguren Iriarte
Pimelodella australis
Allan James @ ScotCat
Brachyrhamdia imitator
Brachyrhamdia meesi, Brachyrhamdia meesi, Brachyrhamdia meesi
Brachyrhamdia rambarrani, Brachyrhamdia rambarrani
Chasmocranus quadrizonatus, Chasmocranus quadrizonatus, Chasmocranus quadrizonatus
Imparfinis longicaudus, Imparfinis longicaudus
Imparfinis stictonotus, Imparfinis stictonotus
Phenacorhamdia nigrolineata
Pimelodella australis, Pimelodella australis
Pimelodella cyanostigma, Pimelodella cyanostigma
Johnny Jensen's Photographic Library  
Brachyrhamdia meesi, Brachyrhamdia meesi
Brachyrhamdia rambarrani, Brachyrhamdia rambarrani, Brachyrhamdia rambarrani
Goeldiella eques, Goeldiella eques
Heptapterus mustelinus
Imparfinis minutus
Imparfinis pseudonemacheir, Imparfinis pseudonemacheir, Imparfinis pseudonemacheir
Pimelodella gracilis, Pimelodella gracilis, Pimelodella gracilis
Pimelodella sp. (1), Pimelodella sp. (1)
Rhamdia quelen, Rhamdia quelen, Rhamdia quelen
Philip Jones
Rhamdia foina
Frants Lehmann (stamps)
Rhamdia quelen
Nathan Lujan
Imparfinis usmai, Imparfinis usmai, Imparfinis usmai
Acuario Marcelo
Heptapterus mustelinus, Heptapterus mustelinus, Heptapterus mustelinus
Ivan Mikolji @ mikolji.com
Pimelodella cruxenti
Benitez, Terán, Alonso, Aguilera, Mirande. 2017
Cetopsorhamdia iheringi, Cetopsorhamdia iheringi, Cetopsorhamdia iheringi, Cetopsorhamdia iheringi
Mark Sabaj Pérez @ All Catfish Species Inventory (ACSI)
Cetopsorhamdia insidiosa, Cetopsorhamdia insidiosa
Phenacorhamdia macarenensis
Pimelodella geryi
Brian Perkins
Brachyrhamdia thayeria
Molluscan Pictures
Brachyrhamdia marthae
Dominick Porcelli
Pimelodella cristata
Chris Ralph @ The Ralphster Photo Gallery
Brachyrhamdia meesi, Brachyrhamdia meesi
Enrico Richter @ Amazon Predators
Goeldiella eques
Rhamdia quelen, Rhamdia quelen, Rhamdia quelen
David Sands
Robin Warne
Goeldiella eques
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