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Heptapteridae = ( Hep tapt ER idee ) 

Another sub-family of the Pimelodidae, Heptapteridaeinae, which is now been given full family status.

There are up to 200 species in this South and Central American family comprising mostly of the genera Imparfinis, Pimelodella, Brachyrhamdia and Rhamdia. Most are predators which vary in size but can be kept in an aquarium with tank mates that are chosen carefully.

Heptapterus eigenmanni
Heptaterus cisternarum
Heptapterus quadrizonatus
Heterobranchus sextentaculatus
Imparfinis insidiosus
Imparfinis longicauda
Nannorhamdia stictonotus
Pimelenotus vilsoni
Pimelodella laticeps australis
Pimelodella garbei
Pimelodella imitator
Pimelodella marthae
Pimelodella meesi
Pimelodella rambarrani
Pimelodes lateristrigus
Pimelodus boucardi
Pimelodus baronismuelleri
Pimelodus chagresi
Pimelodus cinerascens
Pimelodus cristatus
Pimelodus cuyabae
Pimelodus deppei
Pimelodus eques
Pimelodus foina
Pimelodus godmanni
Pimelodus gracilis
Pimelodus hilarii
Pimelodus lateristrigus
Pimelodus longicauda
Pimelodus micropterus
Pimelodus musculus
Pimelodus mustelinus
Pimelodus namdia
Pimelodus parahybae
Pimelodus pentlandii
Pimelodus quelen
Pimelodus queleni cuprea
Pimelodus sebae
Pimelodus sellonis
Pimelodus stegelichii
Pimelodus wagneri
Pimelodus wuchereri
Rhamdia barbata
Rhamdia baronismuelleri
Rhamdia branneri
Rhamdia branneri voulezi
Rhamdia bransfordii
Rhamdia cinerascens 
Rhamdia cyanostigma
Rhamdia depressa
Rhamdia godmani
Rhamdia guatemalensis
Rhamdia heteracantha
Rhamdia heteracanthus
Rhamdia hilarii
Rhamdia lehmanni
Rhamdia longicauda
Rhamdia marthae
Rhamdia micayi
Rhamdia microps
Rhamdia minuta
Rhamdia mounseyi
Rhamdia nasuta
Rhamdia oaxacae
Rhamdia pentlandi
Rhamdia pubescens
Rhamdia quelen urichi
Rhamdia guatemalensis decolor
Rhamdia guatemalensis depressa
Rhamdia guatemalensis muriei
Rhamdia guatemalensis oaxacae
Rhamdia guatemalensis stygaea
Rhamdia holomelas rupununi
Rhamdia riojae
Rhamdia saijaensis
Rhamdia sebae
Rhamdia sebae martyi
Rhamdia vilsoni
Rhamdia wagneri
Rhamdia wilsoni
Silurus rivularis
Silurus  sapipoca
Silurus quadrimaculatus

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