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Pimelodus pintado Azpelicueta, Lundberg & Loureiro, 2008

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Pimelodus pintado belongs to the genus Pimelodus from the Cebollatí, Tacuarí and Yaguarón rivers emptying into the Laguna Merín, Uruguay. Pimelodus pintado is distinguished from congeners by the combination of its densely spotted pigmentation pattern with many small dots irregularly placed over flanks, head and all fins, and, when fresh, metallic golden background color, plus thick striated lips with prominent rictal folds, long snout, prominent upper jaw, anterior naris far from snout margin, narrow premaxillary tooth bands with rounded posterolateral corners, toothless prevomer and 22-26 gill rakers on first branchial arch. Pimelodus pintado is compared to other spotted species of Pimelodus including P. maculatus, P. heraldoi, P. absconditus, P. microstoma, P. mysteriosus, P. paranaensis, P. platicirris, P. ortmanni, P. britskii, P. fur, P. grosskopfii, P. navarroi, P. coprophagus and P. punctatus.. Aquarium care: Provide hiding places for this 'pim' and you will be able to see it on the odd occasions when food is introduced. Peaceful species but not to be trusted with small fish such as tetras as they will pick them of at night on their forays so they must be kept with species larger or compatible with it such as barbs, gouramis, cichlids and other South American catfish. Diet: Most aquarium fare such as tablet, flake, worm and frozen foods.

Common Name:







Uruguay: Known from three affluent rivers of Laguna Merín. Type locality: Río Cebollatí, Uruguay.


28cm. (11ins)


20-24°C (67-75°F)




Azpelicueta, M.M.: Lundberg, J.G. and M. Loureiro, 2008. Pimelodus pintado (Siluriformes: Pimelodidae), a new species of catfish from affluent rivers of Laguna Merín, Uruguay, South America. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phil. 157:149-162.



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