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Mystus tengara (Hamilton, 1822)

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Hayath (2) Native Fishes of Bangladesh (1)

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Found in flowing and standing waters. Adults inhabit rivers and ponds in plains and submontane regions. Oviparous, distinct pairing possibly like other members of the same family. Often mistaken for the smaller M. carcio and M. vittatus but vittatus has a longer median groove and the stripes are more prominent . It has also a low head and body and M. tengara occurs mostly in the northern parts of India. Colour: Light brown on top turning dull yellow on sides and beneath. About five parallel longitudinal stripes on either side of body present. Occasionally a dark shoulder spot may also be seen.

Common Name:

Pyjama catfish


Macrones tengara, Mystus tengra, Pimelodus carcio, Pimelodus tengara




Asia: Pakistan, India, Nepal and Bangladesh. Reported from Afghanistan


10cm. (4ins)


22-28°C (71-83°F)




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