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Corydoras adolfoi Burgess, 1982

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Ian Fuller (1) Sandy Milne (2) Mona Opland (8) Adam Revitt (1) Mark Goh (1) Alan Pinkerton (1)

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Relevant Information:

This Corydoras was one of the first of the fleshy coloured, black banded/striped species with the gold markings to be collected in the tributaries of the upper Rio Negro in Brazil, alongside such species as C. burgesssi, C. davidsandsi and C. imitator which was collected at the same time and is basically the long nosed variety of C. adolfoi, and also the very similar C. duplicareus which has a broader black band on the body and also a different structure to the pectoral fin spines. There has also been collections made over the border in Venezuela. Aquarium Care: A tank setup would entail a soft substrate such as sand or a small gravel and a nice plant covering around the back and sides of the aquarium. If housed in a community tank a mixture of small South American characins or the smaller varieties of Asian Rasboras would suffice, as larger fishes would intimidate these shy Cory's, and would stop them eating and would be therefore detrimental to their overall health. Diet: A good quality flake food and tablet food for adults with sparodic feedings of frozen or live food will keep your Corydoras in good health.

Common Name:

Adolfo's Corydoras






South America: Brazil, Small tributary of the upper Rio Negro near the village of São Gabriel da Cachoeira. (see location map)


6cm ( 2½ins)


23-27°C (73-81°F)




ScotCat Factsheet no. 79, Jan. 2003.



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