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Schilbeidae = ( SKILL bid dee )  

This family of catfish are in the main, midwater swimmers, and are commonly known as glass catfishes due to some of them having transparent bodies

They can sometimes be confused with the Siluridae family but the Silurids do not possess an adipose fin and their dorsals are usually very small. Quite easy to keep in the aquarium as the vast majority will accept flake food.

Ageniosus lurida
Ailia occidentalis
Ansorgia debauwi
Ansorgia debauwi vittata
Ansorgia vittata
Ansorgia vittatta bistriata
Ansorgiichthys vittatus
Bagrus adansonii
Bagrus depressirostris
Bagrus schilbeides
Bagrus schilbeoides
Bagrus schilboides
Eutropiella debauwi
Eutropiellus buffei
Eutropiellus debauwi
Eutropiellus debauwi vittata
Eutropiellus kasai
Eutropiellus longifilis
Eutropiellus vandeweyeri
Eutropiellus vittatus
Eutropius adansonii
Eutropius altipinnis
Eutropius altipinnis
Eutropius bomae
Eutropius brachypopterus
Eutropius brevianalis
Eutropius buffei
Eutropius congensis
Eutropius congensis
Eutropius congolensis
Eutropius debauwi
Eutropius depressirostris
Eutropius gastratus
Eutropius grenfelli
Eutropius grenfelli
Eutropius lemairii
Eutropius liberiensis
Eutropius liberiensis
Eutropius liberiensis
Eutropius longifilis
Eutropius mandibularis
Eutropius mentalis
Eutropius mentalis
Eutropius mentalis
Eutropius nilotica
Eutropius niloticus
Eutropius niloticus
Eutropius niloticus niloticus
Eutropius obtusirostris
Hypophthalmus niloticus
Laides sinensis
Pangasius hexanema 
Pangasius longibarbis
Parailia congiga
Parailia congica
Parailia longifilis
Paretropius micristius
Physailia ansorgi
Physailia ansorgii
Physailia occidentalis
Physailia pellucida
Physailia pellucida
Physaillia pellucida
Physailia villiersi
Pimelodus silondia
Platytropius longianalis
Platytropius sinensis
Pseudeutropius atherinoides
Scheilbe auratus
Scheilbe bipinnatus
Scheilbe dispela
Scheilbe hasselquistii
Scheilbe intermedius
Scheilbe mystus
Scheilbe mystus mystus
Scheilbe niloticus
Scheilbe senegallus
Schilbe bouvieri
Schilbe congolensis
Schilbe dispila
Schilbe dispila
Schilbe emini
Schilbe isidori
Schilbe mystus
Schilbe mystus
Schilbe mystus fasciata
Schilbe mystus fasciatus
Schilbe palmeri
Schilbe palmeri
Schilbe senegalensis
Scheilbe senegalensis
Schilbe senegalensis fasciata
Schilbe senegallus
Schilbe steindachneri
Schilbe uranoscopus
Silonia lurida
Silundia gangetica
Silurus atherinoides
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