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Clariidae Clariidae =  ( klair EE id dee) 

This is the family commonly known as the "Walking Catfishes"
owing to their ability to move overland after their previous home has 'dried up'. These catfish are unique as to have an elongated dorsal without a hard spine.

Not really a species suitable for the home aquarium although very hardy. They can be kept in very large tanks or ponds. Looked on also as a food fish in its native habitat.
Chlarias angolensis macronema
Clariallabes longicaudatus
Clarias (Clarioides) aboinensis
Clarias amplexicauda
Clarias angolensis
Clarias anguillaris nigeriensis
Clarias breviceps
Clarias brevinuchalis
Clarias budgetti
Clarias bulumae
Clarias cameronensis
Clarias confluentus
Clarias congicus
Clarias curtus
Clarias dahomeyensis
Clarias dolloi
Clarias dorsimarmoratus
Clarias duchaillui
Clarias dumerilii
Clarias dussumieri dussumieri
Clarias fouloni
Clarias foveolatus
Clarias gilli
Clarias guineensis
Clarias hasselquistii
Clarias hilgendorfi
Clarias hollyi
Clarias lazera
Clarias leiacanthus
Clarias liberiensis
Clarias lindicus
Clarias liocephalus
Clarias loangwensis
Clarias macromystax
Clarias macrurus
Clarias magur
Clarias melanoderma
Clarias melanosoma
Clarias melasoma
Clarias monkei
Clarias nigeriae
Clarias noensis
Clarias obscurus
Clarias parvimanus
Clarias pentapterus
Clarias poensis
Clarias pulcher
Clarias punctatus
Clarias senegalensis
Clarias submarginatus
Clarias submarginatus thysvillensis
Clarias teysmanni
Clarias theodorae
Clarias thienemanni
Clarias walkeri
Clarioides werneri
Clarias zygouron
Macropteronotus batrachus
Macropteronotus fuscus
Macropteronotus magur
Saccobranchus fossilis
Saccobranchus microps
Silurus anguillaris
Silurus batrachus
Silurus fossilis
Silurus gariepinus
Silurus singio
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