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Siluridae = ( sy LUHR id dee ) 

This family like the Schilibidae are also called "glass catfishes" or sheath fishes.

This is quite a diverse family, from the midwater shoaling Krytopterus to the predatory Wallago and the European wels, Silurus glanis. The difference between the families is quite straightforward, the Silurids do not posses an adipose fin and most of the Shilbids do. The Silurids also have a small notch between the anal and caudal fin whereas the Shilbids have this joined.

Belodontichthys macrochir
Callichrous bimaculatus
Callichrous eugeneiatus
Callichrous gangeticus
Callichrous macrophthalmus
Callichrous sindensis
Callichrus affinis
Callichrus immaculatus
Callichrus nebulosus
Cryptopterus bleekeri
Cryptopterus (Krytopterus) cheveyi
Cryptopterus macrocephalus
Cryptopterus schilbeides
Cryptopterus urbaini
Diastatomycter chaperi
Hemisilurus chaperi
Hemisilurus heterorhynchos
Hemisilurus schilbeides
Herklotsella anomala
Kryptopterichthys macrocephalus
Kryptopterus apogon
Kryptopterus bleekeri
Kryptopterus micropus
Micronema apogon
Micronema bleekeri
Ompok canio
Ompok krattensis
Ompok nebulosus
Ompok siluroides
Ompok sindensis
Parasilurus anomalus
Parasilurus asotus
Parasilurus asotus asotus
Parasilurus biwaensis
Parasilurus japonicus
Parasilurus lithophilus
Phalacronotus leptonema
Phalacronotus siluroides
Pinniwalago kanpurensis
Pseudosilurus bimaculatus
Pterocryptis cochinchinensis
Schilbe pabo
Silurichthys berdmorei
Silurichthys leucopodus  
Silurus bicirrhis
Siluris glanis
Silurodes eugeneiatus
Silurus apogon
Silurus attu
Silurus bedfordi
Silurus berdmorei
Silurus bimaculatus
Silurus canio
Silurus chechra
Silurus cinereus
Silurus cochinchinensis
Silurus cryptopterus
Silurus dahuricus
Silurus duda
Silurus gilberti
Silurus glanis
Silurus glanis aralensis
Silurus indicus
Silurus japonicus
Silurus leptonema
Silurus mysoricus
Silurus pabda
Silurus phaiosoma
Silurus punctatus
Silurus punctatus
Silurus silurus
Silurus sinensis
Silurus soldatovi meridionalis
Silurus (Callichrus) vittatus
Silurus wynaadensis
Silurus wynaadensis
Wallago attu valeya
Wallago dinema
Wallago heterorhynchus
Wallago krattensis
Wallago leerii
Wallago microcephalus
Wallago miostoma
Wallago miostoma
Wallago nebulosus
Wallago tweediei
Wallagonia attu
Wallagonia miostoma
Wallagonia tweediei
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